How to let go
Starting off I have to say I don't know
I find that I've given myself to you and some moments in life are harder to release 
Like you peel the layers off 
Some layers are thicker than others
Some you can't peel off but have to pick piece by piece 
I'm not sure if I let go of somethings or people 
I'm honestly not sure if I know how to let go
Not that I don't want to but I stand in your presence with my hands super glued into a fist
My mouth bleeding and bruised from stapling it closed
A tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth trying not to lie to a Sovereign all knowing King
A heart that is fragile and maybe not even whole
Feet that are dirty and have treaded in places that don't deserve to stand on Holy ground

I mean letting go should be easy 
How hard is it to release
Release the hurt of failure
Release the hurt of being the peculiar one
I tell myself it's not that hard just give it to Jesus 
But who is Jesus
Why would he want hurt and pain
Why would I come to a king with a Basket of wounds 
I can't offer Him anything, I have nothing to give

Jesus is this Son of Man that takes my filthy, trashy, undesirable gifts and goes to this place called Calvary to be crucified on a rugged cross
He dies then in 3 days He rises with ALL power and dominion in His hands
Then He takes those same hands reaches out to me and says "Come unto me, you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest"
As I am writing I see that I don't have to tell Him every area I need help in or hide things I feel I should fix a little more before I give it to Him, so he won't have "too much" to work on
All He ask is that I let go in Him
Submit in Him
Rest in Him
Just say yes to Him and no to the world
Yes to Him and no to flesh
Yes to Him and no to temptation 
He's not asking me to do the unbearable 
He's asking me to trust Him enough to lay and dwell at His feet and don't move

By Courtney Rogers

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