• Week 5 Sunday 3/4/18 – Saturday 3/10/18

    Chapter 9 Hearts Focused Outward: You Want Others To Have It   On a scale of one to ten (ten being the highest), what is the evangelist temperature of your church?   Would you bring a nonbeliever to your church
  • Week 4 Sunday 2/25/18 – Saturday 3/3/18

    Chapter 7 Innovative Minds: You’ll Do Anything For It Have you hit something in your ministry that appears to be an obstacle? For the next ten minutes, brainstorm solutions. No idea is a bad idea. During your brain
  • LET GO

    How to let go Starting off I have to say I don't know I find that I've given myself to you and some moments in life are harder to release  Like you peel the layers off  Some layers are thicker than others Some you can'
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